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A light news reader website using News Api , pure front-end stuff Webpack | React.js | Ant Design | Netlify

It is a self learning project for React. Create-react-app is so simple for a React beginner to set up the first React app skipping all the configurations from the beginning that I didn’t really understand everything behind it.

Since I was using SASS and Ant Design for developing, I had to custom the configuration of Webpack using npm run eject. I found that it was even complicated than React it self to some extend.

Based on my understanding, it mostly uses fetch to achieve data from back end. React is cool for one page web application. It is totally different from Ruby on Rails’s MVC structure. It’s more like a web application suppose to be, with faster response to a user event, updating the data on the page only which needs to be updated, loading the data asynchronously.

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Javascript is becoming so popular. As the development of web application and the more emphasis on the UI/UX, front end frameworks like React is becoming the future.

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